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Date Added: Monday December 30, 2002 06:21:12 PM
Name: loretta lynne herron lorrettalorretta@aol.com
From: michigan
Comments: its very nice. thanks

Date Added: Sunday December 08, 2002 02:36:36 PM
Name: Evan M. Pence pencedawg@aol.com
From: Cedar Rapigs Iowa
Comments: Fom a friend to another we could talk on the phone!

Date Added: Saturday November 16, 2002 09:54:24 AM
Name: Tom TomMplsInliner@aol.com
From: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Comments: I've enjoyed the visit here to your website; very amazing. You've taken quite a journey in life. With due respect, Tom

Date Added: Sunday November 10, 2002 09:13:44 AM

Date Added: Monday November 04, 2002 09:07:07 AM
Name: Terry Samuels
From: Colorado

Date Added: Monday October 21, 2002 09:26:38 AM
Name: John Jackson
From: Minneapolis
Comments: Wish I could have been living during the life of Frank Lloyd Wright, nice work.

Date Added: Friday September 13, 2002 11:24:51 AM
Name: Jimmy Leonardo
From: East Coast
Comments: Nice site ! !

Date Added: Thursday August 22, 2002 08:49:06 AM
Name: Scott Lacey aka BiALLMEANS26301 BiALLMEANS26301@aol.com
From: From NJ living in W V
Comments: "It is good to have an end to journey toward, but it is the journey that matters in the end." -Ursula K. LeGuin ......1st) My what a great journey your life seems to have been steve. You are truely a inspiration and a role model. I am proud to know someone like you. Fore I know that you touch many where it really counts , in thier soul. 2nd) I applaud your decision to leave messages from the snerts , it was a nice dose of the reality we go through just to be accepted the way we were born as we strive forever onward. Hugs and Kisses your friend, Bi

Date Added: Saturday August 10, 2002 01:13:01 AM
Name: fds sfd
From: fs
Comments: Nice site.

Date Added: Thursday July 18, 2002 04:29:11 PM
Name: rea
Comments: never a dull minute huh?

Date Added: Friday July 05, 2002 02:09:58 PM
Name: Amelie AmelieK02@aol.com
From: Vermont. USA
Comments: I adore your website. Very refreshing. Your openness and honesty is very moving. Love the art work and stories. Wonderful message of the day.

Date Added: Thursday June 27, 2002 07:15:32 AM
Name: Marcus FyreGlaive@aol.com
From: Pottstown, Pa, North America
Comments: I loved the site, I'll visit it more often!!!!!

Date Added: Monday June 24, 2002 06:23:48 AM
Name: Steve Kuckuk steve@usonia.com
Comments: I've decided to let the previous entry stand as it is . . . . I know who put it in, how sad . . . . - Steve

Date Added: Sunday June 23, 2002 02:28:12 PM
Name: Mark ThePeoplesMark@aol.com
From: MA
Comments: Leave it to a sick queer to make a mockery out of the most brilliant architect ever.

Date Added: Sunday June 16, 2002 12:56:55 PM
Name: Lyle meteorite54@aol,com
From: Montana , Missoula
Comments: Steve , you sound good to me

Date Added: Sunday June 16, 2002 08:38:05 AM
Comments: VERY NICE

Date Added: Sunday June 16, 2002 08:23:31 AM
Name: Juonyer Whoopasser
Comments: Rude and vulgar remark removed by the webmaster....

Date Added: Saturday June 15, 2002 03:04:45 PM
Name: Arthur closeted
From: New York City
Comments: Nice place to visit.

Date Added: Wednesday May 08, 2002 12:30:19 PM
Name: Mike sopezamo@aol.com
From: Arizona
Comments: You sound like a very neat person. So many phonies on the web, it is very refreshing.

Date Added: Thursday May 02, 2002 08:49:49 AM
Name:  Name Removed (in 2010) due to user request
From: Milwaukie OR
Comments: Hello this the first time i did anything like this i am gay only to friends others i meat not to family and friends.

Date Added: Wednesday May 01, 2002 03:45:01 PM
Name: Alison Aalinon@aol.com
From: Carmel, NY
Comments: I came upon your site while researching the Usonia community in Armonk, NY. What good luck! I am very impressed with the plethora of information and insightful views. Keep up the good work.

Date Added: Sunday April 21, 2002 09:35:02 PM
Name: Deb Walsh dksjwalsh@msn.com
From: St. Paul, MN
Comments: Steve, any chance you are descended from Amelia sperberg and John Kuckuk of Shawano? They had children Orville, Ralph, Carrie, and one I don't know the name of. I am a first cousin twice removed of Amelia Sperberg Kuckuk. Contact me if you are and would like to exchange info. Love your photos....

Date Added: Thursday April 11, 2002 06:38:06 PM
Name: Mike Mike
From: Mike the Stalker child
Comments: F--- YOU STEVE! (the remainder of the insulting, vulgar, bigoted and harassing remarks were removed by the owner of the web site)

Date Added: Thursday April 04, 2002 08:23:12 AM
Name: shannon senceofhumor
From: ohio, middletown
Comments: i like what u had put b/c it is very true as u go through life u may have done something u may need to change or add to ur home page

Date Added: Friday March 29, 2002 08:28:15 PM
Name: Dale R. Winke winkhome@adelphia.net
From: USA
Comments: just looking, but very interesting!

Date Added: Monday March 11, 2002 03:57:00 PM
Name: Mike sloan mjs75147@aol.com
From: USA/Texas
Comments: Steve very interesting indeed. I enjoyed it very much.

Date Added: Monday March 11, 2002 05:57:08 AM
Name: Mike English
From: New York City

Date Added: Saturday February 02, 2002 03:03:31 PM
Name: morgan bringindafunk420
From: pa/philly
Comments: nice

Date Added: Monday January 28, 2002 01:15:11 PM
Name: tjshasta aol.com.
From: gilford,new hampshire 03249
Comments: That's the way life is a journey through time.What we make of it is our own destiny!

Date Added: Sunday January 27, 2002 05:08:55 PM
Name: Bill Brown howbrowz@aol.com
From: Atlanta, GA.
Comments: O SO KEWL!!!!

Date Added: Friday January 11, 2002 08:40:25 AM
Name: Dia dmillewilli3
From: NC
Comments: You have a really neat site. I especially like your "third try" area! LOL(And I LOVE all of your quotes in the Life - G&L room!)See you soon!

Date Added: Thursday January 03, 2002 07:59:55 PM
Name: Adam Builtboy18@aol.com
From: Monterey Park (its near Los Angeles)
Comments: Hi Steve, great site, I really liked you snow sculpture. I hope to catch you in the life style room again. I'll try to speak up...lol

Date Added: Thursday January 03, 2002 09:03:13 AM
Name: John Harms
From: Ithica, New York
Comments: Very nice site, thanks.

Date Added: Thursday December 13, 2001 07:52:54 AM
Name: Thom Tholof@aol.com
From: Dobbs Ferry, NY
Comments: Having moved to NY from Spfld, Il (site of one of FLW's homes - the Dana-Thomas) it was great to see your site. You sound like quite an interesting person. Hopefully someday my site will be as "put together" as yours. Keep up the good work, it's an inspiration to computer newcomers like me!!

Date Added: Monday December 03, 2001 07:38:54 PM
Comments: Hey Daddy- I was just in the neighborhood. thought i'd say "hi" I hope to see you real soon. By the way "I don't have red hair" I was supposed to let you know that. Take care GUESS WHO

Date Added: Monday December 03, 2001 07:34:24 PM
Name: Joey jledgar@students.wisc.edu
From: Madison, Wi
Comments: Hey Daddy! Just in the neighborhood and thought I'd say "hi". Your sites is as interesting as ever. By the way i'm supposed to tell you "I don't have red hair" Anyways I hope to see you real soon. GUESS WHO

Date Added: Monday December 03, 2001 11:01:00 AM
Name: John O'Neil
From: Syracuse, New York
Comments: The design ideas are spectacular, spectacular.

Date Added: Friday November 30, 2001 05:56:15 PM
Name: Frank Fontaine Frankie@aol.com

Date Added: Wednesday November 21, 2001 03:56:06 PM
Comments: "Rude" comments removed by Steve K

Date Added: Monday November 12, 2001 08:16:06 AM
Name: joe mulcrevey@aol.com
From: usa teanck,nj
Comments: spectacular

Date Added: Thursday November 01, 2001 07:55:29 AM
Name: Jesse C. fglov20@aol.com
From: fort worth texas
Comments: it was great.

Date Added: Wednesday October 31, 2001 11:10:14 AM
Name: Bill Jameson BillyJ@hotmail.com
Comments: I don't want to start a flame war, but the previous person to sign this guestbook is obviously a doooooofuss. This is not a boring site at all. Good work Steve.

Date Added: Tuesday October 30, 2001 12:55:35 PM
Name: Arsonia arsonia@hotmail.com
From: Puerto Rico
Comments: Thise site is so boring!!!! I is a pece of sheet in the internet. E-Mail me coments.

Date Added: Monday October 29, 2001 08:55:38 PM
Name: Brendan BrendanZ5ZSail@aol.com
Comments: Interesting read. Loved the detail and pictures. I will come back to check out the stories.

Date Added: Wednesday October 24, 2001 02:26:08 AM
Name: Giuseppe Peluso gppeluso@tin.it
From: Cancello ed Arnone (CE) - ITALIA

Date Added: Tuesday October 23, 2001 10:17:14 PM
Name: Linda Sutherland
From: New York NY USA
Comments: Just wanted to comment on your website. I found it entertaining and informative. Thank You!
animeanipikefree computerABC Newschristmas shopping

Date Added: Monday October 22, 2001 02:53:03 PM
Name: Dave P. ravndlp@hotmail.com
From: Los Angeles
Comments: I would like to know more about the Hollywood home that FLW built. It sits just above Franklin Avenue in Hollywood. You have a great site here, keep up the good work!

Date Added: Sunday October 21, 2001 01:39:14 PM
Name: Jessica
From: Lafayette, LA
Comments: This was a great break from an otherwise mundane Sunday research afternoon. I may have to stay up 30 minutes later tonight finishing that last lecture on FLW's Usonian notion...but it was worth it for sanity's sake. Take care.

Date Added: Monday October 08, 2001 02:06:18 PM
Name: ernie haappydaze58@aol.com
From: tampa, florida
Comments: Very interesting

Date Added: Wednesday October 03, 2001 04:54:33 PM
Name: Richard Truffin3
From: Va
Comments: Pretty cool site. I like it!

Date Added: Thursday September 13, 2001 07:56:00 AM
Name: Aaron King AaronIndnpls
From: USA/Indianapolis
Comments: pretty cool...:)

Date Added: Sunday September 09, 2001 01:26:09 PM
Name: JOHN,M,MCINTOSH smharold@aol.com
From: USA -Syracuse,NY

Date Added: Friday September 07, 2001 09:04:35 PM
Name: Frank Mandel
From: Winter Garden, Florida
Comments: Very, very nice.

Date Added: Tuesday August 28, 2001 05:29:10 PM
Name: Kiev-Tuen Pariseau Atreides Kiev Tuen @aol.com
From: Charlestown, RI
Comments: Well, I am thoroughy impressed

Date Added: Wednesday August 22, 2001 07:44:51 PM
Name: Mary Brown
From: City of the Angels, California

Date Added: Monday August 20, 2001 10:06:52 AM
Name: Mark Mitchelson
From: New York City
Comments: How do you do it ?

Date Added: Thursday August 16, 2001 10:54:39 AM
Name: James Richardson
From: Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
Comments: I would like to learn much more about you.

Date Added: Wednesday August 15, 2001 06:54:23 PM
Name: John,Michael,McIntosh SMHarold@aol.com
From: Syracuse,NY
Comments: I think your site is very cooool wish i could do that your loveing friend John

Date Added: Wednesday August 15, 2001 02:07:49 PM
Name: Richard Simons
From: North Flagg, Nebraska
Comments: Nice, Nice . . . very nice.

Name: Craig Bigmacc4111@aol.com
From: Beachwood, NJ USA

Date Added: Wednesday June 13, 2001 09:42:10 PM
Name: Ashley Burke DreamStealer1@aol.com
From: U.S., Indy(Beech Grove) Indiana
Comments: Hiya again Steve, I told you I would check it out!, So far it's GREAT, and I'm happy happy happy I met you, your an awesome guy to know!!! Keep on doing good things and may luck follow you all of your days. I just finished checking out the entire site and I'm glad I did. I did i have an entirely new respact for you now steve thank you for the address to this place :o)

Date Added: Friday June 08, 2001 07:32:02 AM
Name: John Jagoz136@aol.com
From: Perth , AUSTRALIA
Comments: Steve i have known you for little over a year now throu G&L Support and it has been my pleasure knowing you , thankyou for allowing me into your life, now i know the man SteveK a little more, it has bee my greatest pleasure knowing you and if you are ever in aust anytime i would love to meet the man behind the web sight :) all the best for the future

Date Added: Friday June 08, 2001 07:01:06 AM

Date Added: Sunday June 03, 2001 05:20:36 PM
Name: Bill H. wilyharris@aol.com
From: USA-Kansas-wichita

Date Added: Saturday June 02, 2001 05:49:37 PM
Name: Spencer Spencer21@aol.com
From: Tallahassee, Florida
Comments: Very enjoyable site!

Date Added: Wednesday May 23, 2001 07:33:17 PM
Name: Bill justice4909@hotmail.com
From: US

Date Added: Tuesday May 22, 2001 02:30:57 PM
Name: Annie Annettap@qwest.net
From: East Central Minnesota
Comments: Hey Steve! Nice site! Really enjoyed it! I think of you daily, as the Thoughts hit my email..and as they have for years! {{{{}}}}} Annie

Date Added: Tuesday May 15, 2001 01:01:42 PM
Name: Mike acordm@msoe.edu
From: Germany, Lübeck
Comments: It looks the same as the last time I saw the site (serveral years ago) :)

Date Added: Sunday May 13, 2001 06:43:44 PM
Name: lorelei lpd143@yahoo.com
From: st. joseph MO
Comments: Nice pictures of Frank LLoyd Wright. I was looking for a bio though.

Date Added: Wednesday May 09, 2001 10:28:46 AM
Name: Jim Stamford
From: Denver, Colorado
Comments: How sad it is that the previous signer of the guestbook cold be interested in Mr. Wright and yet be such an ignorant bigot . . . . how very sad.

Date Added: Sunday April 29, 2001 12:08:38 AM
Name: Nathan NathannPhoenix
From: Phoenix
Comments: I was looking for sites on FLW, but got more than expected. I was disgusted to find the author of this site is gay, and that is bad. I can't stand fags.

Date Added: Saturday April 28, 2001 03:51:54 PM
Name: Paul pauline_74@excite.com
From: Rockford Illinois
Comments: I enjoyed your site and your thoughts. I also like Frank Lloyd Wright and his architecture. Paul

Date Added: Wednesday April 25, 2001 03:51:59 PM
Name: Kim NurseSmith618@aol.com
From: Prescott, AZ. United States
Comments: I love your website, I will be sure to come back and visit it again to see all the changes. I'm an RN, I like just chatting with others and making new friends.

Date Added: Monday April 23, 2001 10:10:00 AM
Name: Barry Douglas Butler unitystudios@netscape.net
From: Los Angeles, Ca USA
Comments: www.fly.to/usonia Please visit my site about the usonian principles applied to Music and Media.

Date Added: Monday April 16, 2001 09:14:29 AM
Name: Jack Casbabyj
From: U.S.A Roselle Park
Comments: I liked it but i thought it would be more normal

Date Added: Friday April 13, 2001 11:31:46 AM

Date Added: Friday April 13, 2001 02:16:39 AM
Name: Barry Wainwright njpiney59@hotmail.com
From: USA/Lakehurst, NJ
Comments: Any site that contains info on Frank Lloyd Wright has got to be good. Overall, not a bad site at all. The more time you spend in it to read & look around the better it gets. But a little confused about anyone supporting Gay/Lesbian rights. Suggestion: Add more pics of FLLW buildings. Good luck.

Date Added: Thursday April 12, 2001 05:24:19 PM
Name: Roe Martinez Larosadetierra@aol.com
From: usa
Comments: Pretty cool Site comments here.

Date Added: Monday April 09, 2001 08:19:57 PM
Name: Troy Mvanilla169@aol.com
From: twin cities
Comments: welcome to the rainbow life!!!!!!

Date Added: Monday April 09, 2001 04:59:52 PM
Name: Eddie H. gablk1@aol.com
From: Atlanta,GA
Comments: Please put your comments here.

Date Added: Wednesday April 04, 2001 07:31:56 PM
From: USA
Comments: I believe these words say it all "I Loved it"

Date Added: Tuesday March 27, 2001 08:51:52 PM
Name: Patricia Gauto pattygau@hotmail.com
From: Asunción-Paraguay. South America
Comments: It was a wonderful site. I began searching info for a research paper, but then got really enthusiastic with the site.

Date Added: Wednesday March 21, 2001 04:26:38 PM
Name: Jan A. Olson jolson14206@aol.com
From: Mountain (oconto county) and Middleton (Dane co.)
Comments: I like your website very much and hope to return again soon.

Date Added: Sunday March 18, 2001 05:33:33 PM
Name: Paul Knauss Paulk611152aol.com
From: Machesney Park, Illinois
Comments: Hi Steve Like your site. Paul

Date Added: Sunday March 11, 2001 05:07:57 PM

Date Added: Saturday March 10, 2001 03:17:56 PM
Name: Jeremy bettedavisxx66@yahoo.com
From: Reno, NV
Comments: Nice site. Could use a few more photos, though. Finding guestbook comments odd, especially the ones obsessing over sexual preference. MYOB, people

Date Added: Saturday March 03, 2001 08:08:37 AM
Name: Danny dannyboy2208@aol.com
From: Seattle, WA
Comments: I just had to check this out myself. I was very impressed with you personally online, and hope that we have many more encounters. Have a wonderful day, and I will be looking for you in the chat line.

Date Added: Sunday February 25, 2001 03:39:47 PM
Name: christine ms.opal18@aol.com
From: west palm beach florida
Comments: Very interesting we have similar life story i was 40 when i finally came out. also have 2 kids . will check on you again:)

Date Added: Monday February 19, 2001 03:23:00 PM

Date Added: Sunday February 18, 2001 06:50:06 PM

Date Added: Sunday February 18, 2001 10:08:26 AM

Date Added: Sunday February 04, 2001 06:20:37 PM
Name: thunderbird9568 thunderbird9568@aol.com
From: wyoming

Date Added: Wednesday January 24, 2001 10:41:14 AM
Name: mike moum ptcredit@voyager.net
From: stevens point, wi
Comments: Honesty always pays off

Date Added: Sunday January 21, 2001 05:21:48 PM
Name: Dale W.Harding (3/16/46) Drycreekfloral@aol.com
From: Milton, Wv.,25541
Comments: Well what can I say,I'm impressed! Would like to devlope something similar for our floral shop. You go Dude! Best Wishes, Dale

Date Added: Sunday January 21, 2001 01:01:40 AM
Name: Michael K Teenmike84@aol.com
From: Boca raton, Florida, about an hour north of downtown Miami
Comments: I love yor website so much!!!!!

Date Added: Thursday January 04, 2001 08:19:43 AM
Name: John Porter bigpapa1391@aol.com
From: New Orleans, La

Date Added: Saturday December 30, 2000 11:16:14 PM
Name: Brian westmetrobrian
From: NY
Comments: Would it be so inappropriate if I told youthat you should have stayed in the closet?

Date Added: Monday December 25, 2000 10:38:04 AM
Name: Jeff peltier ChefJPP@aol.com
From: New Orleans LA
Comments: Nice website!!!!

Date Added: Saturday December 16, 2000 07:31:39 AM
Name: Richard GutReact@aol.com
From: Nyack, N.Y.
Comments: As always Steve, a wonderful trip in here. Thanks you again for your help with the article, sending me the quotes and being the concerned and compassionate man that you are

Date Added: Sunday December 10, 2000 04:48:35 AM
Name: david redhaed75hi@aol.com
From: Des Moines Iowa
Comments: i like your site i thik its cool

Date Added: Thursday November 30, 2000 09:14:27 AM
Name: Pete PAB3710@aol.com
From: USA/Gatlinburg
Comments: I still haven't seen all of it. Will have to come back later. Enjoyed the personal bio. Very sweet and real.

Date Added: Monday November 27, 2000 02:14:13 PM
Name: Katie kkw82199@aol.com
From: NY
Comments: . . .

Date Added: Monday November 27, 2000 09:31:26 AM
Name: Richard Brooks RBrooks300@aol.com
From: Warwick R.I.
Comments: great web site very creative Steve

Date Added: Thursday November 16, 2000 06:26:11 PM
Name: Donald G Brady Jr LocutusOfBorg75@aol.com or Devastator1975@aol.com
From: Wellsburg West Virginia
Comments: This is a very nice site.Keep up the good work!!!!!

Date Added: Wednesday November 15, 2000 02:20:10 PM
Name: Frank Smith
From: New Orleans
Comments: Thanks so much . . . I enjoyed the site.

Date Added: Wednesday November 08, 2000 06:54:36 PM
Name: Yoski38 Yoski38@aol.com
From: Virginia
Comments: I thought the web site was very interesting as was talking to u in private. I have truly enjoyed myself. I love meeting interesting people. I can always learn something from people like yourself. I did ask you for some pics and you said."there are some in my website" but I didn't fine any. But I want to thatnk you for the opportunity in meeting you. The pleasure was all mine. Thanks again . May god bless you. Keep you sane so that you can continue to enlighten unitellegent people. bye for now.

Date Added: Sunday November 05, 2000 09:44:16 AM
Name: Tyler TylerLR84
From: Florida
Comments: Awesome design. But it's too bad the webpage represents someone rude and gay. And then you wonder why people are against you / Tyler's thoughts.

Date Added: Sunday November 05, 2000 09:07:22 AM
Name: calvin duane rhodes cdrhodes56@hotmail.com
From: USA Detroit Michigan
Comments: I think your site was wonderful. I'm trying to locate any pictures of the Rose and Gertrude Pauson house by Wright. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Date Added: Friday November 03, 2000 01:10:50 AM
Name: Tracy Libra8765
From: Fargo North Dakota
Comments: I think your page is truly enlightning--thanks--- i will visit again

Date Added: Thursday October 26, 2000 07:37:52 PM
Name: Coolbeads3767639 Coolbeads3767639@aol.com
From: Acton, MA
Comments: .

Date Added: Wednesday October 25, 2000 06:33:36 PM
Name: Tanktop Tony Tankttony @aol.com
From: Dallas TX
Comments: nice web site maybe somday i will learn more about comp and be able to do somthing like that

Date Added: Monday October 02, 2000 08:19:06 AM
Name: Jared nevrnice2u
From: Canada
Comments: First of all, you didn't have much to say on your Page. Secondly, I'd leave a comment, but you'd just edit out the good stuff, I'm sure. ( EDITORS NOTE: Yes young one, if by "good stuff" you mean I would remove bigotry, vulgarity, and sexually explicit language then yup, you're right, I would not let it stand ... Steve K )

Date Added: Saturday September 30, 2000 05:22:00 PM
Name: Larry S. Murrieta ChampganeLarry
From: Bel Air, Calif.
Comments: Very nicely done.

Date Added: Wednesday September 20, 2000 07:26:46 PM
Name: AL Pryor apshnout@aol.com
From: Alexandria, Va.
Comments: Just wanted to let you know I like your homepage, it's refreshing to see someone discussing life instead of sex.

Date Added: Monday September 11, 2000 05:58:01 AM
Name: Steve K stevek@usonia.com
Comments: The entry just below this (by Jodie) talks about her boyfriend who is my 23 year old son Joey. - Steve K

Date Added: Monday September 11, 2000 01:17:13 AM
Name: Jodie Edgar jledgar@students.wisc,edu
From: Madison, Wi
Comments: It's really funny because as soon as I read it I completely understood where my strange yet fascinating boyfriend gets his charm and wisdom.

Date Added: Sunday September 03, 2000 05:37:03 PM
From: NY
Comments: (rude comment removed by Steve K.)

Date Added: Sunday August 27, 2000 05:44:00 PM
Name: Lance GrailSword@aol.com
From: Denver
Comments: I like it.

Date Added: Wednesday August 16, 2000 11:09:41 PM
Name: Fire&Iceent cinseeksfun@aol.com
From: Prov RI
Comments: HI (shameless advertisment for sexually explicit material removed from this comment section by Steve K.)

Date Added: Tuesday August 08, 2000 07:30:50 AM
Name: Gary Bailey dcikon
From: Austin, TX
Comments: Very interesting.

Date Added: Monday August 07, 2000 07:15:28 PM
Name: charlie doughboy0265
From: pa

Date Added: Tuesday August 01, 2000 08:14:42 AM
Name: Rowena
From: Sydney, Australia
Comments: Hi Steve, stumbled upon your site looking for info on FLW for Art History paper. Can't believe how intriguing the man is! Didn't find quite what I was looking for but your site was fun to browse through. Like your live camera idea, see ya l8ta from Oz!

Date Added: Sunday July 23, 2000 06:52:08 AM
Name: Peter wildsurfrider@aol.com
From: Hawaii
Comments: GREAT man!! ever get to islands, would love to show you around!

Date Added: Sunday July 23, 2000 06:49:52 AM
From: Hawaii
Comments: GREAT man! Ever get to Hawaii, would love to show you the islands

Date Added: Sunday July 23, 2000 06:46:41 AM
From: Pearl Harbor, Hawaii
Comments: Great man, ever get to the islands would love showing you paradise! ALOHA

Date Added: Friday July 07, 2000 08:00:20 AM
Name: Sammy AreSammy@aol.com
From: Seattle
Comments: Very nice, but where is your picture?

Date Added: Wednesday June 28, 2000 03:58:34 PM
Name: filoa filoa@aol.com
From: palm springs ca.
Comments: Great web site and so easy to use. you seem like a wellrounded kinda person!! sincerely filoa comments here.

Date Added: Saturday June 24, 2000 10:57:13 AM
Name: TAMMY Tandm94@aol.com

Date Added: Saturday June 24, 2000 08:57:31 AM
Name: Carol mytwomoms@aol.com
From: Halifax,Massachusetts
Comments: Wonderful website! I'll be back.

Date Added: Sunday June 11, 2000 06:53:11 PM
Name: RAdonis34 same
From: New York, NY
Comments: I like the art you've chosen of Jim Gehr......very impressive.

Date Added: Thursday June 08, 2000 07:41:10 PM
Name: Doug Dunkin Dougdunkin6969@AOL.com
From: Bend, Oregon
Comments: havn't really gone through it yet. Looking for some pic.

Date Added: Tuesday May 09, 2000 12:52:06 PM
Name: Bob bobolicouis8591@aol.com
From: Sacramento California
Comments: Steve, Loved the site. I am a rabid fan of FLW myself and think you've captured him on this page. Thank you. I will be back! : -)

Date Added: Monday May 08, 2000 09:50:41 PM
Name: Ed Matlack RBZED69@aol.com
From: Lindenwold, NJ
Comments: Well Steve, have talked to you so many times on Gay Lifestyles and just found out about this web page from another host and am about to look through your page, but so far I would say that you have very good Karma, you let people come here and treat them like family & friends, the only way to treat people, Keep up the great work! Peace thru Zen Meditation, Ed!:-)

Date Added: Sunday May 07, 2000 11:29:39 AM
Name: Michael TeenMike84@aol.com
From: Brooklyn, New York
Comments: The website is way different from any modern website.I feel like I am old fashioned. :-)

Date Added: Friday April 28, 2000 09:04:58 PM
From: PA

Date Added: Wednesday April 26, 2000 09:50:55 AM
Name: Jenny L. jlivermor@hotmail.com
From: Wilmington, NC
Comments: I really enjoyed the site. I was looking for information on the impact Wright had on the American landscape. Your site helped and those sites that you listed. Thanks!

Date Added: Sunday April 23, 2000 06:49:08 PM

Date Added: Saturday April 22, 2000 08:28:01 PM
Name: Susan su2u76@aol.com
From: Chico ,CA
Comments: Loved it!

Date Added: Saturday April 22, 2000 05:28:21 PM
Name: Ken E Miller Kendollwichita
From: kansas usa
Comments: fabulous steve,

Date Added: Saturday April 15, 2000 08:59:48 AM
Name: Alan Mueller princeoink55@aol.com
From: Sacramento, California, USA
Comments: Your site is very interesting.....however a picture would be nice........of Steve, that is......

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Comments: Steve, Nice job on the home page.  Although my appreciation of FLW started a bit later than yours (my childhood didn't start  until the sixties!), it isn't any less apparent. I feel that your site (including the address!) could almost be a plug-in for mine.  I will continue to check in on your progress.

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Comments: Steve-- What a great FLW site! I'm currently researching the architect and his David Wright house for a paper, and while I've found no images of that particular building on the web(anywhere), the images and quotes you have are great as background material. Plus, I was amused to see you at your desk, waving at me, when I loaded up your camera. Thanks again for the wonderful information.


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Comments: Hi Steve, now its the first time on your homepage. I must say that I am loosing my words. I AM ON THIS HOMEPAGE - you never told me!!!! "For other guests: I am Martin one of the exchange - students" Well, I was rememberd to so many good times we had together, I will never forget. It is now over 12 years ago. Well, we all get older and older. Hey Steve, good luck to you and we´ll keep in tough. Love Martin

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Name: Steve Kuckuk SteveK@usonia.com
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Comments: This is the first entry in my Guestbook. I sure hope others feel free to leave a name, an address and hopefully a comment or two .