On the left is Bess McCabe, Sister of my mother's mother, also shown is Aaron and my mother
From the left, Esther Johnsen, Lynn and Lynns mother, Magdalen with Aaron, taken on the pontoon boat on Shawano lake.
Aunt Bess with one of the kids
Gladys Brockman
Josephine Pulcifer
Helen Kuckuk
Seated second from the right is Helen Kuckuk my father's mother
Taken at Lynn's sisters wedding
Esther Johnsen
Ruth Johnsen
Hilda McClone
The boys with Lynn's brother Mike
The boys with Hilda

Early on we were lucky enough to find Hilda McClone, who came to our house those days when both Lynn and I worked - she became a surrogate grandmother to our children, and to this day I believe the love and stability she shared with Joey and Aaron has given them the strength to prosper through the turmoil I set upon their lives as I came to terms with being a gay man
The Johnsen family
My sister Sandy with our mother, taken in July 1950
Lynn as a child with her parents
My sister Sandy with her husband Dave and our mother
Mike Johnsen and Russ Stone
Lynn as a child with her mother and father's sisters Esther and Ruth