The home at 203 west fifth street, Shawano
Paul Lamczyk, shown at about age 16, he was a foster child in our home, a brilliant talented pianist, who died of AIDS before reaching the age of 21
Bob Sorbera, Mike Bohm and Kim Anderson (image banished at the request of Bob)
Bob Sorbera dressed as "Herod" for our 1979 production of Jesus Christ Superstar(image banished at the request of Bob)
Lynn with Mike Bohm
The kids with Steve Lasch
Aaron with Bob Sorbera
Lynn and Steve Bartelt
Mike Bohm and Lynn
Rob Henning and Mike Bohm
Mike Bohm
Bonnie and Vaughn Bossell
Rob Schrader, taken at Milke Theatre
Jim Thomas, Lynn, Aaron and Mike Bohm, around the dining room table
Don Jarek and Marsha Utke, my God. Did we really wear pants like that?